Monday, May 9, 2011

MTHFR and autism

I have MTHFR on my mind again. My mom recently tested positive for both of the two most common MTHFR gene polymorphisms (677/1298). Which wasn't a huge suprise since she has fibromyalgia. Her positive test confirmed my suspicions that the MTHFR gene polymorphism is one of the root causes of the chronic health problems experienced by our extended family. I spent a little bit of time on pubmed this weekend doing some more research. I have a collection of fascinating articles that are "must reads" for those dealing with autism, anxiety, and other MTHFR related issues. SO interesting.

A post from a new-to-me blog that offers info on MTHFR:

What I found very interesting is that the MTHFR protocol that Dr. Rawlins is using to treat my mother is similar to the biomedical treatment protocol for autism. Here is a site where Dr. Rawlin's brother put some links to Dr. Rawlins work. The second link on the site is a very informative powerpoint presentation.

Also, for more info on MTHFR see my previous post here.

Here is the methylfolate I use. You can find the active form of B12 at any health food store, just make sure that it starts with "methyl". Sublingual drops and tablets are the most effective. We also have this around.